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Is storytelling a lost art?

No, it’s just really hard to find these days amidst all the junk-content spread across the internet’s more than fourteen trillion pages.  (Yes, 14,000,000,000,000!)

Most of us don’t try to repair our own cars, and even fewer will attempt to perform our own brain surgery, but it seems that millions of people with access to blog-publishing software and/or a cell phone video camera have designated themselves as professional storytellers.   Of course, what many churn out tells a very different story.

While the tools at the storyteller’s disposal have changed radically since the dawn of human communication, the true art of good storytelling remains the same.  It is difficult to describe an artform, and even harder to explain how a true artist practices his craft, but a good story, in any medium, and about any subject, will contain all or most of the following characteristics:

single, clearly defined theme

well-developed plot

vivid and rhythmic style

sincere, enthusiastic, and animated presentation

dynamic, compelling characters

dramatic appeal

appropriateness to audience

impact / influence

Think about it:  If the above elements are necessary to properly entertain a four year old with a bedtime fairy tale, why are they missing from most corporate marketing?!

At Kingdom Consulting, we absolutely love technology and the tools it provides us to reach the world…but we love effective storytelling even more!

What’s your story?   We’ll help you find it, tell it, and share it…

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