Get Out of the Toilet Vortex

Get Out of the Toilet Vortex

toilet vortex

I’m generally a positive person, but sometimes we need to take a trip to “the dark side” and honestly deal with what’s holding us back from walking in the Almighty’s specific plan for our lives.

Yes, it can be ugly, scary, disappointing, demotivating, and leave us very vulnerable….but the alternative is to keep operating in the lie, either consciously, or unconsciously….and that is not just a dead-end road, it’s a killer-vortex of a downward spiral right down the toilet to nowhere you want to be!!

So, let’s take hold of the fact that the past does not have to equal the present and future, and it won’t…if we purpose that it won’t, and allow the Holy Spirit to have His way.

So, let’s get transparent, confess these sins that keep us from being obedient to our Master, and let them die in the His amazing Light!

I’ll start….

I hold on to a fear of failure, which causes me to procrastinate when I’m supposed to be getting the most important things on my list done. To assist this life-wasting attitude, I’ve gotten myself addicted to checking emails and social media (yes, addicted to the dopamine rush) to see if something “important” is coming my way, so I can justify not getting to what will move me forward to the place God wants me to go.

I renounce this horrible time-sucking habit in the name of Y’shua (Jesus), and commit to be a better steward of this amazing day He gave me — the moment I stop writing this blog post….

Hey, wait a minute!!  What am I even doing over here?  I’m not supposed to be blogging now!  Oy vey!!

OK, I’m out of here!!

Please write your confession below regarding what’s holding you back, and then “get out of here” too!


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