Dr. Jeff Hazim

Speaker – Author – Life Coach / Consultant Health / Fitness Expert & Innovator

Dr. Jeff Hazim (Full Stature Consulting and Biblical Health TV) is an accomplished speaker and author, who specializes in uncovering honest answers to what causes sickness, lack of vitality, and decreased longevity. He has extensive experience in approaches to natural health including nutrition, detox, and fitness, all centered on God’s truth in these areas.

Dr. Jeff practiced as a chiropractic physician for over 23 years, and left private practice in 2013 to pursue fulltime public speaking and consulting. Together with his wife, Dr. Andrea Hazim, they operate Full Stature Consulting, which equips individuals and organizations to achieve their full potential in every facet of life: physically, emotionally and spiritually!

Dr. Jeff is a co-founder Biblical Health Television, and serves as its Executive Director; BHtv's mission is to educate and equip the church with resources to insure staying healthy naturally.  He also authored The Heart of David in 2006, a book written to expound upon the deep mysteries of Scripture, as well as numerous health articles for various publications.

Dr. Jeff’s live speaking engagements, teaching resources, and coaching protocols are sure to inspire growth where needed.  No matter what area of a healthy lifestyle Dr. Jeff is presenting, you are sure to leave entertained, equipped, and inspired.

His motto - "YOU CAN DO THIS!"