Kingdom First

Real-World Leadership Training for Men

“The entire creation is waiting in eager expectation for the son’s of Almighty God to manifest.”  (Romans 8:19)

I created Kingdom First because I personally know the struggle of Believer men in seeking out their specific calling and then — the genuinely hard part — walking it out with power, integrity, and true joy in all areas of life.

The Creator makes us work for it, and that’s OK because our life IS our santification process.

BUT…if you don’t know His plan and have a real-world strategy for achieving, then your hopes and dreams tend to feel out of reach.

No one should have to live this way as, according to Messiah, the Kingdom is right here, right now.

Kingdom men are these “sons” of the Almighty, and this is our age.  We MUST step fully into our roles as servant-leaders in all areas of our lives….for such a time as this!

Chaim Goldman

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