“The Fast Track” Coaching


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Thank you for your interest in “The Fast Track” Accelerated Business Coaching!

“Fast Track” Coaching is specifically designed for Kingdom-minded entrepreneurs who wish to create and grow world-changing “Businesses that Minister”.  If one of the following situations describes you, we can probably help:

1)  You are running an existing “business that ministers”, but need help taking it to higher levels of excellence.

2)  You are running an existing business, and wish to re-engineer it into a “business that ministers”.

3)  You want to launch a new “business that ministers” this year.

4)  You feel that professional, 1-on-1 Coaching from a fellow Believer entrepreneur is what you need to assist you in overcoming obstacles and transforming your life, business, and ministry.


This personal 1-on-1 Coaching with Chaim Goldman is available to select clients in order to focus on specific life, business, and/or ministry goals.   Consults are structured as a customized package of meetings with a minimum amount of time (generally three months to one year) allocated to assure powerful results.

Meetings are conducted over phone or Skype, and can be arranged on a fixed or flexible schedule.
To assure that Kingdom Consulting “Fast Track” Coaching is right for you, we conduct a preliminary evaluation process which includes a 30-minute goals planning meeting directly with Chaim.

There is no fee for the evaluation, but we require that you complete and submit the brief application survey below.  Once received, we will contact you back within one business day with more information and to inquire about setting up your meeting.
Again, thank you so much for considering how Kingdom Consulting can help you!  If we may assist you in any way, please contact our Help Desk at:  www.Kingdom.consulting/help
Welcome to “The Fast Track”!

1. How long have you been in your current business/profession?*
2. What kind of product/service do you provide and/or do you plan to provide)? Do you enjoy your work? Why or why not?*
3. What was your business revenue over the last 12 months? (ballpark) What are your revenue goals for the next 12 months? *
4. What seem to be the major challenges holding you and your business back from growing at the pace you want? *
5. On a scale of 0-10, how important is it for you to overcome your challenges and achieve your goals today? *
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