Marketing 1.0 vs. 2.0 (and beyond)

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Over the past 10 – 15 years, Marketing as we used to know it has radically changed because of the internet and mobile communication.


Have you changed with it?


Marketing 1.0 (then) vs. Marketing 2.0 (now)


Commercials vs. Product Placement


Press Release vs. Blog Posts


Direct Mail vs. Email


Push Content vs. Pull Content (RSS)


Printed Collateral Materials vs. PDFs & Videos


Seminars vs Webinars/Podcasts


Business Generated Content vs. User Generated Content


Marketing/Sales Department vs. Marketing/Sales Affiliates


Building Websites vs. Building Communities

If not, you better get on-board…as Web 3.0 is already starting to be realized, and so Marketing 3.0 won’t be far behind.  (In fact, marketing on the internet is very much the driving force in the majority of these innovations.)


I don’t mean to be the “bearer of bad news”.  In fact, if you take advantage of this new marketing, it’s quite spectacular  —  and even (dare I say?) fun to use.


We’d love to fill you in on all the cool ways you can serve your business and the Kingdom using a wonderful hybrid of old-school and cutting-edge marketing, in a way that perfectly fits your unique needs.


Please CONTACT US and we’ll talk!  😉


Coach Chaim Goldman

For such a time as this!

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