The Gospel of Business Integrity

One of the principles we should all hold dear as Kingdom businesspeople is “Conduct Yourself with Complete Integrity in All Things”.

Here’s an interesting article from a Seventh Day Adventist report by the president of their South American Division about church-established and operated companies. It demonstrates how we witness every day through the ways we conduct our businesses:

Institutions That Serve

In the perspective of the South American Division, its institutions give examples of extreme evangelism. It is in the details that a company’s concern with spiritual values is noticed.

Superbom (Brazil Food Factory) and Granix (Argentina Food Factory) food factories established in Brazil and Argentina, and managed by the division, have a combined number of 1,152 employees who fulfill the mission through the production of healthy food. Among the products manufactured is 100 percent pure grape juice, with no chemical additives, in harmony with biblical health principles. This caught the attention of a university professor, Maria Auxiliadora de Oliveira. Maria Auxiliadora wanted to prove that all companies lied about the use of harmful substances in their products on the description labels of the cartons and bottles of the products.

She was surprised with the veracity of the information shared about our product. Known as Dora, she discovered that the labels were factual, and she discovered that behind the product there was a church. And behind this church she learned about God in a most extreme way. On the label of each of the products appears the name of the Seventh-day Adventist Church and the evangelistic Web site, esperanç in Portuguese and in Spanish. She was baptized, and today she is a Seventh-day Adventist.

Fulfilling the mission is also the focus of the 870 South American educational institutions, with their more than 299,466 students, in addition to the community of parents who also benefit from Christian education. And 20 health institutions, such as clinics, health life centers, and hospitals, go to extremes in mission. “We are not here only to earn profit and have stable institutions as an end in itself. Our entire revenue is invested in evangelism,” assures Marlon Lopes, treasurer of the South American Division.

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Excuse the pun, but this is all “great food for thought”. 😉

How have you seen integrity (or lack there of) effect your business, or businesses you patronize?

Please leave a comment below, but leave out or change the name of any person or business you choose to mention in a negative way, unless it is absolutely crucial to the example.

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