'Free' Resources

For Entrepreneurs Who Want to Serve God in the Marketplace

Full Disclosure:  None of the Resources on this Page are Actually Free


It’s why we wrote ‘Free’ like that.

Now, don’t get upset like this is some kind of bait-and-switch scheme.  That’s NOT how we roll at Kingdom Consulting.

The reality is that nothing is free, as everything costs somebody something.  Even the “free gift” of salvation.

Why are we pointing this out?  Because we’ve discovered that when most people get something “for nothing”, they tend to severely undervalue it, don’t utilize it, and never realize the intended benefit.  And in the case of these materials, that would be, dare we say, “a sin”!

We paid in many ways to provide all of the valuable resources available to you on this page.  It’s “on us”.

But we don’t consider it charity.  Not at all!   It’s an investment in you and your Kingdom business.  After all, in the community of faith, we’re family.

So, please dig deep into each immediately, learn what’s in there for you, and begin to systematically apply whatever’s relevant for your situation.   It’s worth it!  You’re worth it!!


Bottom line:  We want this professional instruction to bless you in every possible way, even though it didn’t cost you a dime!

However, there is  —  of course  —  a catch.  (As what kind of marketing coaches would we be if we gave something away without knowing who received it?)

So, for the “low low price” of just your name and email address, they’re all yours!!

You’re welcome.  😉



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